Tufts University

    Official Test Score Waiver Request

    Public Health and Professional Degree Programs

    Please submit the following form if you would like to request that the standardized test score (GRE, MCAT, or GMAT) requirement be waived for your application.

    Note that waivers are only granted for students applying to the following programs:
    • Master of Public Health and combined degree programs*
    • Health Informatics and Analytics degrees
    • Health Communication degrees
    • Pain Research, Education, and Policy degrees
    * Waivers are not granted for the PA/MPH, MBS/MPH, MD/MPH, DVM/MPH, JD/MPH, or DMD/MPH programs, as the non-MPH programs require official test scores with no exceptions made.

    Typically, waivers are only granted if candidates have a doctorate or professional degree and/or have several years of professional experience. Your application for a waiver should indicate that your academic and professional background already testifies to your verbal and quantitative abilities, and should cite specific elements of your background which make taking the GRE, or other standardized test, unnecessary.
    Waiver Request Form
    Personal Information
    Waiver Request
    Please write a brief statement (150 - 200 words) explaining why you believe the Public Health Committee should grant your waiver request. Your statement should specifically address the elements of your background which demonstrate the quantitative and verbal skills tested on the GRE or other standardized exam.

    Please use the "Browse" button below to attach your resume, ensuring that it is the most recent version and covers your full professional history.

    Please use the "Browse" button below to attach unofficial transcripts representing your full undergraduate and graduate academic history.